Spring 2014 - lightweaverphotography

Both prints and digital downloads are available for purchase. Additionally, the entire gallery of each School of Rock show is available for $15. Once you purchase the photos, you have full rights to their use. You may print them at a vender of your choice, post them to Facebook, send via email, create calendars, make a slide show, display on your TV, etc.. And as part of partnership, the Parent Rock Association receives the full profit for all prints and digital downloads!

NOTE: If you have difficulty with the gallery download, please try clicking on your browser's refresh button. Customers have the option of selecting one of three sizes for their photo download: 1 Mb Low resolution, 4 Mb high resolution, and Original resolution. The gallery download price is $10 regardless of the resolution selected. However, you may only select one resolution size for your gallery download. Here is some guidance on selecting the correct resolution for your use. If you plan on using the photos for Facebook/ web display, or small prints (4x6s or 5x7s) then the 1 Mb low resolution is sufficient for your needs. At this resolution, downloading a School of Rock show containing 300 photos will take approximately 20 minutes depending on your download speed and occupy 300 Mb of space on your computer. If you plan on printing the photos in sizes larger than 5x7, then I recommend selecting the 4 Mb high resolution option. 4mb is large enough to create quality prints in sizes up to 11 x 14. This size is more than sufficient for social media such as Facebook. Downloading a typical show at the 4 Mb resolution will take approximately 1 hour and 300 photos will consume approximately 1 GB of space. If you need to print very large photos (poster size) download the file at the original size. Please note that the photographs are shot with an extremely high resolution digital camera and the original files are large! Downloading a gallery of 300 photos will take up approximately 3 GB of space on your hard drive and take 2-3 hours to download. Use this option if you plan on printing extremely large prints (poster-sized). To download the School of Rock photos, go to the gallery containing the show you want to download and click on "add to cart". A drop down menu will appear. Select "Buy Gallery Download". Select the image size (low, high or original). Smugmug will walk you through the purchasing process. After purchasing, a download button will appear. Click the download button and Smugmug will send you an email containing the download link and instructions to complete your download. Smugmug does not have an option for purchasing a gallery and then downloading only select photo. All photos must downloaded. Of course, once you download the photos, you have the option of keeping only those you choose!